First Business Plan Contest at SOI Asia 2007

First Business Plan Contest at SOI Asia 2007
– Building the future from Asia –
Propoosal Submission Deadline: Nov 15 23:59 JST
Business Plan Contest: Nov22, 2007 15:00 – 16:30 JST

1. Purpose

SOI Asia is happy to host a business plan contest on coming November 22nd, 2007, to cultivate the environment for potential entrepreneurs in the region.  This contest is held with ORF (SFC Open Research Forum:, which is a research exhibition by Keio University research institution at Shonan Fujisawa Campus. Through this contest, we promote the entrepreneur development for all the students, faculty members, researchers and graduates of SOI Asia partners.  This business contest is our first trial to help the potential entrepreneurs to be familiar with words like entrepreneur and business development.  We will continue to host similar workshops a couple of times every year.

2. Prize

The prize of the contest is a latest personal mobile computer, which will be a helpful tool for you to present a business plan to find investors and business partners as an entrepreneur. You will also receive enlightening advices to your business plan.

Sample Picture of the “latest Personal Mobile Computer

3. Theme for the First Business Plan Contest

  • Mobile Broadband
  • Design a new business for the future when every object is connected to the Internet

In the near future, every object, not only PDAs, personal mobile computers, mobile phones, but also shoes, books and food groceries will get Internet access using mobile Internet.  The RFID, the next generation barcode, will help its innovation by helping those objects to speak its existence and accurate location information through the Internet.  It might contribute to the companies to capture accurate inventory, reduce wasteful supply, and reduce CO2 emission.  This means that object has begun to gspeakh without involving human beings.  It is a giant innovation.   Think of a new business plan in this new innovated world.

4. Related Information

5. Evaluation

Every applied business plan will be evaluated on two criteria; 1) Originality, 2) Feasibility, and judge will add his/her extra points.  The evaluation will be done on 1-5 scales ( 1: poor 5: excellent).

6. How to apply

Please download the format from the following link.

You can also use your original business plan without using the format, but you have to include following information on pages 3 – 6; Vision, Details of product or service, Market, and how to deliver the product.

After filling up the entry sheet format, please upload the sheet through the entry up loader.  We will select 4-5 applicants to give 10 minutes presentations about the business plan at the contest.  We will broadcast the business plan contest to SOI ASIA network, and you can join from your campus via the internet.

7. Language

Writing the business plan and presentation should be done in English.


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