There is a chance to write on Google Blog now. As Patrick Copeland, Test Engineering Director of Google posted on Google Testing Blog. Here is the excerpt:

I’d like to offer the readers a chance to post their ideas on this blog.

To keep this simple I only have 3 rules:

  1. no commercial postings or links to commercial sites,
  2. post need to be interesting and practical ideas relating to testing, and
  3. posts need to be proof read and reviewed on your end before submitting.

I’ll read the potential posts and make a decision within 1-2 weeks about posting it. Remember that this is a popular blog, the content is public, and your name will be on the posts. Make sure you don’t reveal proprietary information. If you are interested please post a comment to this entry. If enough people are interested, I’ll post later with an email address for the submissions.

Further information: Google Testing Blog


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