Loreal e-strat

Deadline : 17 januari 2009

L’Oréal EStrat is one of the world’s biggest online business simulation. This international competition is open to undergraduate and MBA students in their final two years of university or business school.

In its first eight editions, the L’Oréal EStrat has brought together over 221 000 students from 2200 schools representing 128 countries.

You and your team, consisting of three people, will manage a portfolio of beauty brands and compete for worldwide leadership against 4 other virtual companies during six rounds throughout a period of approximately two months.

You will take the role of the General Manager. At the head of a cosmetics firm, you will face new market situations and challenges during each of the six rounds. You will translate your strategy into critical decisions about all aspects of the company: pricing, production volume and capacity, research and development, marketing, advertising, brand positioning and diversity & equity… In each round, you will have more than 30 charts and graphs to analyze. You will be asked to make over 150 decisions!

Each round corresponds to a six month real time period. The four other virtual companies, run automatically by the simulation, will not only challenge you with innovative decisions but will also respond to your moves!

Every registered team will have the opportunity to participate in the first round, and then, according to their Share Price Index, 1700 of these teams will be selected to continue the adventure (rounds 2 – 5). All the teams participating in the L’Oréal EStrat 2009 will manage PRIMA, but in a parallel simulated world, separate from yours.

Your objective is to achieve the highest SHARE PRICE INDEX (SPI) at the end of the simulation.

To learn more about SPI, click here.

You will be able to follow week to week evolution of the international, regional and national rankings.
EStrat makes everything possible, around the world and in real time, through a highly realistic and custom-created simulation run on internet.

sumber : www.e-strat.loreal.com


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  1. Nitip Info

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    “Pemberdayaan Masyarakat dan Agen Perubahan Sosial”


  2. Nitip INFO LOMBA


    tolong di posting ya..thanks..

  3. salam kenal. saya titip info lomba yah
    info lomba 2010
    trims. blog yang bagus gan

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