Danone – Trust 2008

Deadline : 15 Desember 2008



TRUST is an international business game that puts you in real life situations where you will have to deal with multiple aspects of your future job. The sixth edition of the game involves 12 countries in four continents. It will take place from autumn 2008 until spring 2009.
The first stage is a TRUST day at your university. In one day, you will set up a 3 year strategy for a subsidiary of Groupe DANONE. As members of the Board of Directors you and your team mates will have to achieve business goals and develop the trust of all the company’s stakeholders.
The second stage is the NATIONAL final. Selected teams will present their business strategy to Danone executives. The winning team will get through to the third stage and win a trip to Paris.
The third stage is the INTERNATIONAL final. The winning teams will reassemble in Paris for the two day final where they will have many opportunities to experience life inside a real international company and meet other teams from all over the world!
TRUST, just like real life, is a game about how to manage complexity and build a long term performance.
Why participate?

  • Put yourself in the director’s position in a leading international group and face real responsibilities
  • Learn about today’s challenges: international market competition, environment preservation, business ethics…
  • Develop your ability to make the right decisions in a challenging environment
  • Share your strategy and decisions with experienced DANONE managers
  • Join us in Paris at the International event on 2nd – 3rd April 2009 (if you win the country final!)


University Road Show

Attend the roadshow in your University to get more information about the game and you will be able to ask questions. It will be also a good opportunity to discover DANONE!

Trust Days

During the Trust day you will play the management game. If your team gets selected, you and your colleagues as the Board of Directors will have three virtual months to set up a strategy that would transform a newly acquired company into a profitable business of Groupe DANONE.
While playing the game you get to discover the true picture of your new business unit: customers, products, suppliers, competitors, the political and social situation and local resources of the company. You will develop your recommendation into a comprehensive strategy and commit yourself to achieve concrete results by the end of the third year. But life being as it is some unexpected events will occur, at local or international level. These events will have both direct and indirect impact on your reputation and business decisions. Things that might well change your initial plans! You will have to find solutions and act promptly if you want to keep the business running at its best level while preserving the interests and values of Groupe Danone.

Can you face up to the challenge?
Country Final

If you are the lucky team to go to your country final, you will be asked to present your strategy to the Board of Directors of DANONE in your country. It will be followed by a questions and answers session.
The Directors, after evaluating all the work done, will nominate the winning team who will be invited to the International Final in Paris.

International Final in Paris (April 2009)

The 12 countries winners from around the world you will come to Paris to experience DANONE from the inside! Just like real Danone directors, you will get the chance to meet Franck Riboud, CEO of Groupe Danone, understand what makes DANONE successful today and share your experiences with interesting international people. Many other surprises await the winners in the city of lights!
DANONE will take care of tickets and other details.



  • The game is primarily aimed at final year students and students one year before graduation
  • All team members must be fluent in English
  • Only teams that have signed up through this website will be considered
  • The team registration must have been fully completed on the website
  • All team members must have provided a valid e-mail address (valid throughout the game) upon registration
  • All team members must submit their individual information so that we can consider team registration as valid (link available in the country zone)


Creating a Team

  • Ensure each member submits their CV online as you cannot be selected for the Trust Day unless all 5 CVs have been submitted.
  • Make sure all 5 of your team members can speak a high level of English.
  • Try to create a diverse team i.e. choose a range of people with different qualities and attributes.
  • Do not forget to explain your motivation for playing the game in your application letter, this will increase your chances of being selected to play the game

Preparing for the Trust Day

  • Familiarise yourselves with the company, pay particular attention to the Values of the company as these will help you during the game.
  • You will constantly be required to work as a team so make sure you all work well together.

Preparing for the National Final

  • Practice your verbal skills for your oral presentation.
  • Get somebody to check the English in your presentation.
  • Rehearse as you will be presenting in front of Top Executives.
  • Be creative with your Power Point Presentation.

Preparing for the International Final in Paris

  • No tips, expect many SURPRISES!!!!

Sumber : www.trustbydanone.com


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