Enterprise Challenge Fund for Pacific and South-East Asia


Deadline : 31 Desember 2007

Enterprise  Challenge Fund is a new opportunity under the Australian aid program for private sector business to compete for matching grants to fund commercially viable business projects that bring improvements to livehoods, incomes, and access to vital goods and services.

Business Benefits

Matching grants from enterprise Challenge fund range from US$1.3milion* for each project. Matching grants are intended to :

  • Help an otherwise commercially viable and beneficial business project overcome external implementation obstacles.
  • Reduce the risk associated with implementing a business project that provides tangible benefits to local communities.

Eligibility Criteria

to be consider for matching grant, bidder must be able to demonstrate that :

  • Then project contribute to improved incomes, livedhood opportunities or access to vital live goods and service.
  • Commercial financing cannot be obtained for the project
  • The project would not have proceeded without and ECF matching grant, and that it will be commercially sustainable within three year.

For a full list eligibility criteria and grant processes please visit www.enterprisechallengefund.org. Existing business are invited to submit concept note applications by monday 31 December 2007.

Sumber : SWA Oktober

*grant will be awarded based on range from A$100.000 to A$1.5 million, therefore the US$ equivalent will flustuated with currency cinversions


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